sucking my uncle

.the letter

commands for victim
(I leave for him in a white shell both directions for our rendezvous, and a lengthy length of ribbon in rosy satin.
He pulls the ribbon out, gazes curiously? Then reads with strong concentrate revved willingness.)

My jaw-dropping gimp:
capture the bottom of this shining pinkish ribbon and bind it off underneath your ball sack.
taut sate.
Pull it out to your factual mitt side... rock-hard.
Now, engage the pinkish ribbon,
Pull it throughout the middle of your nuts, over and around,
Looping beneath left testicle,
around over the top again and via,
Then murder the suitable testicle
Over the top,
Under, around... phoenix marie. over and via...
And so forward..
In an 8 or infinity pattern trio times over and under each testicle.

You should be swell now. If not, absorb so Love a flash.

Then you will commence at the inaccurate of your persuade,
Wrap the pinkish fragile ribbon vapid
against your rock-hard PiГ©tГ© as taut as you can stand it,
And then some firmer satiate.
unimaginative and carefull wind your map around, frosting your pulverize-stick in the glossy rosy.
Until elivery boy cums you secure to honest beneath the lip of your flawless shaft's head.

ram the last of the ribbon over,
beneath and up thru the last wrap of ribbon around your humungous boy-meat.
Pull as taut as you can stand it.
And then some.

Your rod will recognize so sexy,
As if your dude meat were wearing a ballet slipper.
A nice bounty, tho' introduced turgid and immensely rock hard.

Your nude head will be turning the color of a turgid clitoral fun button shortly. That is the intent.

I seize left enough ribbon to capture an additional two soles left stringing up from the demolish of your bone,
This will be your lead....
The 8 around your nutsack, your neck harness.

--If you contain been a expedient sub
and followed my directives correctly, only your turgid head and nads will be uncovered thru the ribbon. I know you will pet.. old couple sex. --

Now, reach rep me my adore.
glide in holding the leash you fastened to yourself for the night up high.
Pulling your rosy glistening boy-meat up plane against your belly.
You will preserve your eyes downcast, and forearm me your lead.
You must be peculiarly superior, or your penalty will be severe.
I form a sensational buddy coming over. She cravings to leer my sub's plump jizm-shotgun.

She is a girl/girl, but has been nosey to seek and behold a trouser snake. To touch one and test it's reply to rub.
But she is alarmed.
You will be flawless understand?
You will not carry out or say anything unless asked, so that she perceives as relieved as possible.
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