The professional team of WT International Investments Limited consists of well-respected securities lawyers, accountants, auditors and stock brokers. The team has helped numerous companies in going public. We work as members of a client’s team, offering knowledge and expertise in assisting you in becoming a public company.

WT International Investments Limited team members have been helping a number of public and private securities offerings. The equity securities of offerings include common and preferred stock, partnership interests, and warrants. The debt securities include bonds, debentures, mortgage obligations, and convertible debt. We assist in securities offerings for both new and established companies.

Founder of the company Mr. Lam has been actively working with venture capitals, private investors, investment bankers and fund managers. He has been working closely with security lawyers, auditors, marker makers, transfer agents and stock promoters for public companies.
He assists and brings companies public through RTO and IPO. He has served as a director of several public companies listed in Germany, Canada and USA. He also found and has been the director of Capital Pool Corporation (CPC) in TSX Canada and public companies in USA. He is very well connected in Hong Kong public sectors.