Jewish Identity - In Black & White

Jewish Identity - In Black & White

In this essay, I'll incorporate Jamaican Creator's problem to me about the definition of Jewish identity. To be truthful and balance, I recommend you read Tel Aviv University's Dr. Shlomo Zand's Israeli best seller, When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? It's revealed by Resling in Hebrew and different countries are translating it of their respective language. In the United States, the Lobby is censoring it though Verso (an American writer of Progressive books) agreed to publish it in English under nice duress. Dr. Shlomo Zand, a younger however achieved historian, waited until after he earned his tenure from the college - final 12 months - earlier than he revealed it. He is a Jew (an atheist) who claimed that he abhors the unfavourable affect of Zionism and that he wants to expose Biblical/Toraic myths. Ironically, he is well received in Israel and no reputable scholar has come forward to debate his facts. Howbeit, he's unable to speak at universities in the United States as a result of Foyer's pressure. Dr. Shlomo Zand takes an atheistic and secular strategy to his research. In spite of his vaunted academic credentials, I could find some holes (not so much) in his final conclusion. Then once more, information are different from the Reality - see my article on Aristotle's Concept of Spontaneous Generation which the scientific community accepted for 2.00 years as scientific dogma (similar to at the moment's Darwin's Principle of Evolution) until the French Chemist and Microbiologist Louis Pasteur disproved said concept together with his own experiments and supreme theory. Was Aristotle incorrect in his observations as they related to the info? No, he was incorrect in his findings and conclusion as they associated to the Truth. Pasteur refuted Aristotle's information with the Truth.

Let's get to the facts.

Abraham was a Syrian who was the son of a Sun worshiper (it is connected to the Egyptian Mysteries, Chaldean Mysticism, the cult of Lucifer and the current Illuminati World Order). Abraham's father worshiped Ra - the supreme god of Egypt. Egypt was a superenergy, then, too. Abraham fathered Ishmael (the forebear of Arabs) with the Egyptian Hagar. Then, he fathered Isaac together with his wife. Subsequent, Jacob grew to become Israel's forebear by means of deception (see Isaac's and Esau's story).

Eventually, Israel turned a kingdom beneath King Saul. At the moment, Israel was not Jewish however Hebraic. Jews are descendants (or spiritual converts) from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi (partly). Then again, Hebrew contains the 12 Tribes (together with pure born and religious converts). Someday later, the Hebraic kingdom divided into two kingdoms - The North (10 Tribes) and the South (2 Tribes). The Assyrians defeated and exiled the Northerners (therefore, the Ten Lost Tribes) while Babylon defeated and exiled the Southerners (the Jews - Judah, Benjamin & some Levi). Eventually, the Jews returned from Babylon to rebuilt the Holy Temple and resettled in Israel. Not all Jews returned to Israel, few Jews migrated to other lands (i.e., Bukharian Jews) or remained in exile.

In accordance with the Jewish Historian Josephus, the Jews rebelled against Rome in 70 A. D. Emperor Titus (father and son) crushed them and destroyed the Holy Temple. In contrast to fashionable belief, the Jews weren't exiled en masse from Israel. Sure, surviving Jewish leaders and rebels were despatched as slaves to Rome or they were crucified. As a matter of truth, the Jewish Historian Josephus was a Jewish prisoner of war captured through the 70 A. D.'s Insurrection. He became Emperor Titus's (the son) slave, scribe, political advisor and valued friend. The rest of the Jews (mainly West Bank peasants who stayed with their lands, and close to residence over the millennia) in 70 A. D. are at the moment's Palestinians (some remained Jewish and stored their Sephardic Jewish id), Druze, a few Lebanese and a few Syrians who transformed to Islam, Christianity and other religions over the millennia. Unlike the Assyrians and Babylonians, Romans were not known to exile complete nations en masse. They crucified rebels and enslaved others however not in a mass mobilization. Remember, within the Roman Empire, Israel was the one vassal state not compelled to worship Caesar as god.

One other popular fantasy is that Judaism will not be a prosthelyzing religion. It's a prosthelyzing faith as Christianity and Islam. The Sephardic Jews tried to convert Russia en masse. They failed. They turned to the Khazarian Empire (the Capital was in right now's Georgia). The Khazarian Empire stretched from Finland to Turkey. The Khazarian Emperor converted (he was a phallic idol worshiper) to Judaism because of the dual towers of the Byzantine Empire (Greek Orthodox) and the Ottoman Turkish Empire (Muslims). He figured that he would acquire their respect if he ought to adopt a monotheistic faith - Judaism - the forebear of Christianity and Islam. The Khazarian Empire, especially the elite, was transformed en masse - they're right now's Ashkenazi Jews. The Sephardic Jews converted, en masse, a metropolis-state in Yemen. They transformed many Berber tribes, Moorish tribes and different North African tribes to Judaism. In the course of the golden age of Islam, they had been allowed to apply Judaism and so they (i.e., Moses Maimonides) contributed to its golden age too. They played a pivotal role in the Arabic/Muslim occupation of Iberia and Sicily. In flip, they played a task in the downfall of Muslim control in Spain when the Visigoths (the ruling class of Spain) regained control.

The Moors, Berbers and other North Africans have been Jewish converts (over many centuries). For instance, the illustrious Kahina, the Queen of the Berbers have been born in a Jewish household that was converted many generations earlier than her birth. I did not explore, as a result of scope of this letter, the Ten Misplaced Tribes who had been Hebrews/Israelites (i.e., the Ibos [the Jews of Nigeria]; Pashtuns [conquerors of empires]; the ruling class of Japan and others).

One more point, the Jews of Moorish, Berber and North African extract weren't blue eyed and blonde (not like among the Ashkenazi Jews - also Jewish converts). On the contrary, they had been as light in complexion because the Great African Basic Hannibal of Carthage (or Libya's Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi) and as darkish as the North Nigerian Hauser's/Fulani's tribes.