WT International Investments Limited

WT International Investments limited is committed to provide a range of professional supports with the most effective and most efficient way to small and medium enterprises, which allow them to develop and improve their financial system for aiming to complete the IPO target.
WT will enable enterprises to access independent bodies of financial capital and private equity investments. The goal is to set up the venues for the growth of small and medium enterprises to reach the globalization position.
WT has one of the most internationalized professional team in investment banking, financial matter, business legal knowledge, financing international business and many other fields to provide customers with professional services. Core team members of the company have experience in serving domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and securities firms. The team also consists of members with experienced international industrial background and a deep understanding of different industries, project evaluation, risk management, and investment planning.
WT has a unique investment philosophy and style. WT has developed a clear investment direction, based on the trend and development of commercial and industrial business; in hi-tech and internet, high-end manufacturing, high quality consumption and service, health, cultural, environmental, new green energy and new material.
Investment stages include finding the availability of angel investment source, venture capital (VC) investment, private equity (PE) investment, investment fund, merger, special opportunities investment and the current level IT market investment. WT provides entrepreneurs with full industry equity investment service. WT will focus on market segment leader, with the company's profit growth as primary objective when investing in a specific project.

Professional Services:

Company's business is divided into two aspects:
Investors – will ensure money is well spent and with great returns when investing. Professional appraisal and evaluation of investment opportunity will be conducted before any investment.
Enterprises – will assist enterprises to secure funding for continuing operations, increase market share and quickly achieve the desired development goals.